Skinnergy Break Free! Face cream 50ml

bioten SKINNERGY break free! for oily skin is a powerful moisturizer which provides your skin the optimum hydration! Its cream-gel texture, which is fast absorbed, will break you free, giving you immediately the fresh, matt  appearance you are looking for!



It is enriched with:

• 100% natural Guava extract, an important source of nutrients and antioxidant ingredients, that helps to soften, moisturize and energize your skin.
• Moisture Plus, a unique combination of moisturizing agents and natural bio-polymers, having a double function: it acts both as a protective film on skin's surface and as a hydration reserve in epidermis. It offers your skin immediate hydration that lasts up to 24h.
• SEPIMAT™ P, which captures excess sebum and helps to reduce oily aspect of the skin and thus make possible for a matt effect on skin to be obtained.
• SPF 15  to protect your skin from UVA/UVB radiation.

Immediately your skin gets the optimum hydration, which lasts for 24h*
Skin’s shine and excess sebum  are reduced and your skin feels hydrated and energized!**
Your complexion regains its matt, smooth, fresh and healthy appearance!**

*Clinical instrumental test under dermatological control; 10 women
**Self evaluation under dermatological control; 50 women of age 20-30 years

Usage: Apply every day on cleansed face and neck. Due to contained UV filters avoid contact with eye area.

Dermatologically Tested/ Paraben-Paraffin-Colorant free.

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