Detox Night Cream 50ml

Bioten DETOX Night cream with 93% ingredients of natural origin is our ally to detox, rejuvenate and illuminate our skin.

It contains POLLU-BLOCK, an innovative award-winning* complex that acts on multiple levels to revive our skin’s energy.



Its innovative formula offers multiple benefits:

•Antioxidant & Anti pollution: prevents cells' oxidative stress, restores skin’s luminosity, acts like a shield from pollutants.
•Anti-ageing: prevents wrinkles' formation and helps reduce existing lines.
•Anti-fatigue: it activates skin’s ‘anti-stress’ proteins & stimulates endorphins production.

The cream contains active charcoal extract that acts like a magnet, helping to trap pollutants and dirt to ensure a clean and fresh skin feeling.

Fruit AHA’s are included in our formula providing gentle exfoliation, removing dead skin cells and revealing skin’s natural radiance!

* POLLU-BLOCK complex has won the ‘Innovative Zone Best Ingredient’ award at IN COSMETICS worldwide exhibition & BSB.



•Antioxidant & Anti pollution:

Skin’s luminosity is increased while its tone becomes more even and redness is reduced;

85% of women agree**


Wrinkles’ length and depth are reduced, skin elasticity and firmness is improved; instrumentally confirmed on 80% of women***


Visible antistress effect on your skin! Your skin looks rested, fresh and younger, like after 8 hours of sleep; 96% of women agree** Dark circles are reduced, 81% of women agree**

**Self-evaluation under dermatological control: 27 women, 30-45 years old

***Clinical instrumental test under dermatological control: 10 women, 30-45 years old


Usage: Apply every night on cleansed face and neck with circular movements.

  • 35
  • 45