Cellufight Drainage Gel 200ml

A hot and powerful combination of natural extracts and actives offers you the optimum solution to help to fight cellulite, reducing  the circumference of  thigh and hips.  Cellufight Drainage Gel with its intense thermal action increases the microcirculation and helps remove the toxins from the tissues for a healthier looking skin. 


SLIMBOOST3 a potent active of natural origin ensures triple action against cellulite:
1. Soothes the inflammation caused in the adipose tissue by cellulite* helping to fight “orange peel” appearance, leaving the skin smoothed.
2. Reduces the adipose fatty deposits, by boosting lipolysis and inducing tissue decongestion*, helping to prevent the formation and to reduce the cellulite.
3. Decongests adipose cells and helps them return to their normal shape* for a slender silhouette.
in vitro tests results
Black Pepper Oil, with its local warming effect acts in combination with Guarana, an extract with high caffeine content, helps activate the micro-circulation for a radiant looking skin. Marine Algae extract helps to decongest the excessive water retention on tissues, leaving it tonified.

After 4 weeks,
thighs & hips circumference is reduced up to -2 cm
orange peel aspect is smoothed and visibly reduced
Clinical instrumental evaluation and self-evaluation under dermatological control; 51 women, 2 applications per day.

Usage: Apply on the areas affected by cellulite twice a day, for at least 4 weeks. Its light formula penetrates rapidly the skin leaving no greasy traces.
Cautions: Applying the product will have an effect of intense heating and reddening of the skin. These effects are normal and will disappear in a few minutes from application. Avoid the contact with eyes and mucous membranes . The product should not be used on very sensitive skin, with varicose veins or evident capillaries. The product should not be applied immediately after hair removal or after sun exposure. Should not be used by pregnant or women during breastfeeding. Do not apply on face. Wash your hands after use.