Sensual Touch Body Lotion 250ml

bioten Sensual Touch body lotion is the most pleasurable way to effectively moisturize dry skin keeping it soft and smooth up to 48 hours



Our formulas are enhanced with 100% natural ingredients deriving from eco-friendly and gentle production methods that preserve their actives. Orchid extract, thanks to its content in polyphenols, proteins and amino acids, moisturizes effectively leaving a soothing feeling on skin. Ylang Ylang essential oil, renowned for its sensual properties, offers you a comfortable feeling on skin.
*Clinical & instrumental test under dermatological control, 20 women

NUTRI MOIST 48H is an advanced moisturizing complex combining the purity of natural ingredients with the latest trends in cosmetology. It provides immediate moisturizing and prolongs skin hydration up to 48H** increasing your comfortable skin feeling. 
**Tests in vivo