Firming Body Lotion 250ml

bioten Firming Body lotion improves skin elasticity and visibly renders the texture of the skin, making it smoother and firmer only after 7 days*.


Its easily absorbent formula moisturizes and tones up your skin through an efficient combination of natural active ingredients.
Enriched with LIPO-DETOX that restores the collagen structure of the skin by stimulating and regulating the micro-circulation while skin becomes firmer, regaining its satin glow. 100% natural Green Coffee Oil is a well-known powerful antioxidant known for its draining properties that helps skin restore its elasticity and suppleness.
NUTRI MOIST 48H is an advanced moisturizing complex combining the purity of natural ingredients with the power of science, that offers immediate moisturizing and prolongs skin hydration up to 48H** increasing your comfortable skin feeling (**Tests in vivo)

* self-evaluation under dermatological control, 20 women, and  clinical instrumental evaluation, 10 women